Recent Finds

Visitor Mike found this, and had the following comments, I found this at a house clearance sale recently. It's a "PrinzSound Stereo Module SM8". It features an AM/FM radio, and an 8 Track cassette deck (Groovy Baby!) There is a pop up handle recessed into the top and the base features a rubber suction cup that keeps it secure on any surface smooth enough for it to hold onto. A tab attached to this suction cup is pulled on to release, something I took a while to find when I'd put it down on getting home! I haven't ever seen anything quite so ugly in all my life!
Astor A recent find of Ken Rowlinson in Victoria, Australia. It is a 5 valve Astor model BPJ, made by Astor radio ,South Melbourne in 1959.
RCA RCA 1MBT6 Strato World from 1958.MW & 6 SW bands. As found by our regular visitor Bob Balser
Julie Fernandez found this red Catalin Garod, at a flea market. There are still some to be found!

A 1953 Hallicrafters S72 "portable". As found by our regular visitor Bob Balser, thanks for sharing it Bob!

and... a Zenith 6G601M from 1941

Please feel free to share your most recent find

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