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Building A Simple Crystal Detector

The Kit


A kit of machined brass parts and galena (lead ore) to build a crystal detector is available. Assembly is straightforward and takes just a few minutes, you add a base and terminals as required. Now includes galena for the crystal £9.99 plus p&p
Order At this time the kit is unavailable, please keep an eye on this page for future availability

Assembling the Kit

The kit contains machined parts to build a crystal detector. Assembly is straightforward and takes just a few minutes, you add a base and terminals as required.

Parts Supplied

  1. Arm with handle
  2. Clamp - with clamping screw and spacer
  3. Crystal Cup and Screws
  4. Wire Clamp
  5. Ball Joint
  6. Galena for the crystal
Base Not Supplied


Start by fastening the Clamp (2) and Crystal Cup (3) to the base using the fixing holes; space them 40mm (1 5/8") apart.

Original Instructions If the detector is to be part of a complete crystal set then it would be usual to attach wires under the base to these two components, the wires connecting to other parts of the circuit. If a standalone device then it would be usual to fasten two terminals onto the base, and connect the terminals to the parts with wires under the base.

Place the Ball Joint (5) in the top hole of the clamp. Hold the spacer in the middle of the clamp and pass the fixing screw through, tightening this screw will alter the tension on the arm.

Pass the Arm (1) through the Ball Joint and screw the Wire Clamp (4) on the end. A stiff wire or Cats Whisker is passed through the fine hole of this clamp and held in position by screwing the Arm against it.

The crystal is held in the cup between the three set screws. The crystal can be from a larger piece of galena as necessary. Several crystals can be formed from one block.

Now you are all ready, be warned - point contact - needs patience!

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